Business Game on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) within the framework of the XIX International Environmental Forum «Baltic Sea Day 2018»

On March 23, a business game on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) was held in St. Petersburg within the framework of the XIX International Environmental Forum «Baltic Sea Day 2018». Participants included representatives from Russia, Sweden and Finland. Around 25 people.
The aim of the game is to work out a model of participation in the compilation of a marine plan for a hypothetical water and coastal areas.
Teams are ready for the business MSP game
Each team, according to the rules, had its own development goals for the region. The «red» team has an economic goal, the «blue» team has a social team, and the «green» team has an environmental goal. Inside the team, each participant also had a role. For example: a planner, a sailor, a fisherman, a power engineer, a representative of the municipal government, a tourist, etc. Also, journalists and representatives of neighboring countries had supervisory functions.
N. Kuzmin, deputy of the Leningrad region Legislative Assembly, the captain of the «blue» team presents a report
The business game on MSP was very interesting and informative. The game allowed all participants to feel that the voice of EVERYONE is important in planning, and also that in the inevitable conflict of interests it is necessary to find a compromise.
Elizaveta Mikhailova is a participant of the «blue» team.
Winners — the «green» team — were awarded memorable diplomas.
Despite the fact that the legislation on the implementation of MSP in Russia is still «marking time», it is pleasant that the representative of regional authorities took active part in this game. (N. Kuzmin)
According to the Road Map of MSP which was established within the HELCOM-VASAB working group, by 2020, marine spatial plans coherent across borders and based on the  ecosystem approach should be implemented in the whole Baltic region.
Here is link to the short movie about this event.